Monday, April 22, 2013


Title:  START

Author:  Jon Acuff

Rating:  Awesome

Reason for Reading:  I’ve read Jon’s other books, including Stuff Christians Like and Quitter.

Format:  I read this on my nook SimpleTouch

Summary:  In START, Jon walks the reader through the 5 stages of awesome, and describes how the work in the real world.  Everyone with above average success walks through them (Learning, Editing, Mastering, Harvesting, and Guiding), and it used to be tied to someone’s age.  In your 20’s, you learned, in your 40’s you mastered, etc.

Jon describes how today, it isn’t based on someone’s age; it is based on when they started doing something.  And, you can do things from multiple stages as the same time.  But, being awesome isn’t just some attitude that you wake up with some day.  Jon puts it in real life terms with examples from his own life.

Review:  I would put this book into the hands of anyone who is wanting to be more and do more.  If their day job isn’t their dream, or if they have a bigger dream with more people to connect to, more awesome to put on canvas.
Far from just being about positive affirmations or pie in the sky thinking, Jon will make you appreciate your stumbles and setbacks, and let you know you are not alone on the road to awesome.  It isn’t easy, but if you are game, Jon is inviting you to walk the path with him.


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