Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Barefoot Executive

Title:  The Barefoot Executive

Author:  Carrie Wilkerson

Rating:  Good

Reason for Reading:  I was selected to receive a free a copy of The Barefoot Executive based on a comment I posted on Michael Hyatt’s blog (http://michaelhyatt.com/), with no expectation that would post a review of it on my blog.

Format:  Hardback

Summary:  As the subtitle of the book says, this is the ultimate guide for being your own boss and achieving financial freedom.  Carrie breaks down the myths behind why someone can’t operate their own business, and why she thinks that it is a must that you do so.  The freedom she talks about isn’t a life without work, but a life where your ability to monetize your skills is more dependent on you than your employer.
Carrie walks the reader through the big mistakes to avoid, and the methods of the independent business person.  She helps the reader understand that as a business owner, they’ve got more responsibilities to handle, but also can fulfill them in ways that better match their own unique life.
Carrie describes the different kinds of businesses, such as service based or expertise based, and how any or all of them might work for the reader, depending on what they have to offer the marketplace.  Also, she equips the reader with how to find and develop the market for their products and services.
Throughout the book, Carrie has inserted case studies from her clients that made working for themselves work, and short videos where Carrie shares her story.  Her enthusiasm for the topic and love for her readers bursts off the screen.  Though she’s casual and comfortable, the reader and viewer will walk away with no doubts that she’s got the experience and wisdom to back up her words.

Review:  I thoroughly enjoyed The Barefoot Executive.  Carrie has written a book about business and life that is empowering emotionally and intellectually.  Not only do I know more about the subject, I’ve developed a better understanding of my feelings about it.  This isn’t just a book about the techniques of starting your own business.  This isn’t just a shallow encouragement that the reader can do the overly vague “anything” or lazily live off some passive income for the rest of their life.  The Barefoot Executive will improve any reader’s understanding of the true nature of self-employment.  Carrie’s passion about you taking what you have and making it valuable to others will stir your emotions and fire your imagination.

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