Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Encore Effect

Title:  The Encore Effect

Author:  Mark Sanborn

Rating:  Great

Reason for Reading:  I have enjoyed many of Mark’s books, including The Fred Factor and it’s upcoming sequel, Fred 2.0

Format:  Hardcover

Summary:  This book is Mark’s prescription of how anyone performing any task can do it so well, that customers want them to repeat their performance, that they demand an encore.  Key to Mark’s thesis is the idea of PDA, which is that a repeat performance is demanded when Passion, Discipline, and Action are combined.  Passion is the fuel, discipline is the focus, and action is implementation, forming a three-legged stool upon which outstanding performances are made.

Review:  As with his other books, Mark provides an easy-to-read manual on how to excel in business and life, with stories that inspire and practical tips that one can incorporate right away.  The Encore Effect is also written for anyone who serves others, not just management and supervisors.  Anyone and everyone at any level within an organization, from the front line staff to the behind the scenes worker can find something of value in it.  I highly recommend it for a quick read with powerful insight.

Joseph Iliff

Other resources: www.marksanborn.com