Thursday, April 4, 2013

Average is contagious. So is awesome.

Lots of people can help you be average. Not help you in the sense of explaining it to you. They can't give you a how to process like the recipe for baking a cake. They can't share with you the book they read that helped them get to average.

They can help you be average just by hanging around with you. Average is contagious. That's why it's so common.

And average is comfortable. That's why it is so dangerous.

Luckily, awesome is contagious too. Want an awesome career? An awesome marriage? Awesome kids? Awesome thoughts? Find some people that have them.

But unlike average, you can't just slip into awesome. It takes action and intention. Write it down and do it. Average just isn't acceptable to you.

Start down the path to awesome.

Coming April 2013

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