Friday, October 19, 2012

The opportunity to pass on today. To quit.

You will have a million opportunities to do this today. This isn't unusual. It's probably a day like any other. Every day will present these same opportunities. And while it is important to take advantage of the day's opportunities, this is one of the exceptions. Don't take advantage of this one.

Today will give you millions of opportunities to quit. Don't take them.

The word itself just sounds bad. I know it has been recaptured of late, in an attempt to change it's image.  A few have tried to use it in a new way. Prominent thinkers like Seth Godin point out that "winers often quit", the opposite of the common proverb that "winners never quit".  Godin is referring to how winners quit things that aren't working and try something new. And author Jon Acuff has a book and conference program called Quitter, talking about the process of transitioning from your day job to your dream job.

No, I'm talking about the old fashioned kind of quitting. You've started something, something intended to improve your life. Maybe it is eating better, exercising more, paying more attention to your spouse, budgeting your finances, etc. You didn't start these just for fun. They have a purpose.

And, the results are starting to trickle in, but right now, they seem pretty small to the effort you are investing. You are wondering if the energy you are expending, the inconvenience you are tolerating is worth it.

It is. If you are convinced of the wisdom of your decision to do it in the first place don't quit now. You owe it to yourself.

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