Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My kids can't wait.

I’m woken up every morning by a two-year old who wants food.  And he wants it now.  That isn't the only thing my two-year old or my three-year old want right now.  Anything they want, they want it now.  Right now.  A few days ago while I was cooking dinner, they were fussing about how long it was taking.  I admonished them by saying, “You’re acting like children”.  Of course, this didn't have much impact on them, since they are children.  What exactly was I expecting?

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But, beyond that they simply don’t have patience, there are two lessons I take from this.

The first is the importance of enthusiasm.  They wake up ready to go.  They want to tackle their day.  Is it gymnastics day?  Library day?  Shopping day?  They want to go go go.  Their enthusiasm is causing them to bounce around the house like jackrabbits.  In their own toddler way, they want to take advantage of all this day has to offer.  Author Andy Andrews says “the world belongs to the enthusiastic for people will follow them anywhere.”

The other is the preciousness of time.  My kids are not waiting.  They are growing up right now, and these days will not come again.  They’re only toddlers for a while.  If I don’t take the time to enjoy their toddlerness now, it isn't coming back later.  Some things can wait.  My kids are not one of them.

You have something that won’t wait on you.  Something you can do now, but not later.  Are you doing it?  Leave me a comment below.

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