Monday, July 23, 2012

SEAL of God by Chad Williams

Title:  SEAL of GOD
Author:  Chad Williams and David Thomas
Rating:  Right for you if you are looking for inspiration
Reason for Reading I saw this book on the Tyndale Blog Network, and the title and blurb got me right away.
Format:  Softcover
Summary:  The book is Chad's description of his journey from a capable but undisciplined youth, to a US Navy SEAL, to ultimately an evangelist.  Chad's story is one of how he found himself, and that he was not who he always thought he was.  Chad was often getting into trouble, or perhaps should have found himself in trouble as a consequence of his actions, but he was fast enough and smart enough to stay one step ahead, though often just barely.  But he found a focus for his seemingly limitless energy and drive with the goal of becoming a US Navy SEAL, the best special forces military personnel in the world.  But even after the hard training, including something called Hell Week, and graduation to SEAL status, he still found something missing.  Learning about his need for Christ in his life changed everything about him, including his relationships with his fellow SEALs, and his on-again, off-again girlfriend.  I won't spoil how it all turns out for Chad, because his story is definitely worth the read.
Review:  I found this book to be a wonderful read.  I've read a little about the training special forces personnel like Navy SEALs go through, but not a personal account such as this.  Chad is very open about so many experiences in his life I'd probably be uncomfortable sharing about mine.  The way he bares his heart, and lets you see things through his eyes is quite compelling.  Even if you are not interested in the military, but just want to see the difference Christ can make in someone's life, SEAL of God would be well worth the read.

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