Monday, October 24, 2011

Her name means wisdom

It is common to associate wisdom with age. Persons with more birthdays are often thought to be wise simply because they've had more opportunities to learn from life. But age and wisdom are sometimes not correlated. It takes an act of will and a bit of skill to turn a life experience into wisdom. The old aren't always wise.

Nor are the young always foolish. Some young people are skilled enough and intentional enough to gain wisdom faster than they gain birthdays. One of those persons is my wife.

She's does not have a ton of candles on her birthday cake, but she has turned the few years she's had into an amazing amount of wisdom.

Her spiritual gift is discernment. (I'm going to blog about that sometime.) She's used that gift to develop a special wisdom I've learned to rely on. She can almost instinctively discern what spiritual matters are at work behind what is easily seen and heard.

Her name, Sonya, is derived from the Greek name Sophia, which literally means wisdom. For example, the word philosophy is from phileo (brotherly love) and sophia (wisdom), and means the love of wisdom.

My recommendation to all you out there who, like me, seek out wisdom is this:

1) Don't confuse age with wisdom. There are old fools and young sages.

2) You'll know you've found wisdom by the fruit of the teaching, and the heart of the teacher connecting to yours.

Keep seeking out wisdom! It's out there, and not always in the obvious places.

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